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10 Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive

There are many ways to make a home look expensive without the high price tag. The secret to achieving an expensive look for your home isn't necessarily in the amount you spend in furnishings and décor. In fact, when it comes to making a home look expensive, less, is often more. Making a home look expensive primarily comes down to how you dress your space. every interior design project should begin with decluttering. This will ensure you are starting with a clean slate. After all, “expensive doesn't definitely doesn't more clutters.


Here's a quick run down of our top 10 ideas to redesign your space and make your home look more expensive. 


10. Pick Furniture With Character.

Gone are the days of a matching suite of furniture being the definition of great interior design. Today, it's all about texture, interest, and character. Decorating with antiques, especially wooden pieces, is a great way to make a home look expensive. you can mix antique and newer finds to have a space that is truly unique to you. when decorating with wood, resist the urge to pick furniture in the same species or tone as this can sometimes make a room feel flat. instead, go for pieces with slight color variations for a more sophisticated and polished look.


9. Add character and texture with paneling.

Originally used in period homes as a method of insulation, today wall paneling ideas are loved for the way they elevate a room giving the scheme a sense of gravitas that instantly screams 'expensive'. plus, it's a surprisingly cost-effective way to decorate, often more affordable than wallpaper.

while wall paneling is by far the more traditional option, why not consider ceiling paneling too? it adds architectural interest to what can be an overlooked part of your interior design and will also emphasize the height of the space.


8. Install statement lighting.

no expensive-looking interior is complete without a chandelier, which, in itself, doesn’t need be costly, especially if you are decorating a home on a budget. however, they aren't just reserved for houses straight out of a period drama, both modern and traditional homes can both benefit from the instant elegance of a chandelier and there are plenty of living room chandelier ideas from which to choose from. one of our favorite ways to make a living room look expensive is a bold pendant light that will also draw the eye upward, emphasizing the height of the room which in turn makes the space feel bigger and brighter. statement chandeliers are the jewelry of an interior, a great way to level up your living room is with a grand, statement chandelier, whether that’s an ornate, rococo-style, gilt piece, or a contemporary sputnik globe.


7. Give your staircase an update.


updating your staircase might seem like an unusual way to make a house look expensive, but new staircase ideas, whether a new or refinished banister or balustrade or smartly painted risers, can transform the way in which people perceive your home. even if you don't go for a total change, there are many ways to decorate a staircase that are sure to give your existing flight a new lease of life. consider ripping up staircase carpets that are worn and replace them with elegant wood flooring ideas or even wood-look flooring. you can then dress these with pretty stair runner ideas that will help with grip as well as add aesthetic value. 


6. Display cut flowers.


it may seem obvious, but having fresh flowers on the counter is an instant color burst adding endless decorative value, decorating with flowers is a quick and effective way to make a house look expensive. not only do fresh flowers bring color and texture to a room but they also bring a sense of life and some even imbue the room with their beautiful fragrance. 


5. Invest in art you love.

bare walls will make a space feel empty and lacking, but enormous prints of cityscapes are certainly not the way to go. taking time to invest in pieces you genuinely like, and that also fits your space will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of any room, and help to craft something that feels authentic and meaningful. don't rush this process or put pressure on yourself to have all your art within six months. building your collection is all part of the fun.


4. Replace carpets with wood flooring.


timeless, beautiful, wooden flooring is a highly desirable feature. loved for its authentic, natural appearance, durability, and warm underfoot, it will add an expensive look to any room in which it is installed. a reclaimed wood floor is imbued with history and character which is nearly impossible for newer boards to emulate, however it is not so ideal for the kitchen as there are more durable kitchen flooring ideas from which to choose from. if you love the look of wood but want something a little more budget-friendly, luxury laminate wood-style flooring will achieve a similar finish at a fraction of the price.


3. Incorporate luxury materials.


you don't have to go all out when adding luxury materials to your home. yes, a marble bathroom will look stunning and definitely give off expensive vibes, however, it is not the only way. first, consider saving in certain areas that don't matter as much to you. perhaps you go for engineered wood flooring over real wood. Or you opt for a more affordable paint brand so that you have the budget to invest in the items that really matter to you. Maybe a marble sink for your kitchen or grand fireplace for your living room. you can also accessorize with pieces made from luxury materials, such as a marble tray on a coffee table or a gold candle snuffer; this will help to make your house more look expensive without breaking the bank. 


2. Keep wires out of view.


we live in a technological world and it is likely that there will be wires in every room of your home, from the tv in the living room, and appliances in the kitchen to chargers around the home however, even the most elegant room will be brought down by a tangle of stray cables. in order to achieve an expensive-looking home, it is essential that this source of visual clutter is reduced as much as possible. in the kitchen, the easiest way is to keep appliances out of sight. store toasters, blenders, and other occasional gadgets in a cupboard or pantry until needed. this will not only reduce the wires but will also keep your kitchen countertops clear. Remember, less is more.


1. Don't overlook the details.

finishing touches are a great way to make your home look expensive. think door handles, drawer pulls, light switches, and sockets. these elements are often overlooked but the right design can pull an entire scheme together. while outlets and switches are small details, this is not a place to skimp, go for the best you can afford. create a harmonious look by ensuring that door handles and the pulls on drawers and cupboards are in the same material and finish as your sockets and switches. This will simply transform your space into a masterpiece of a home that you’ll love to come back to every day.

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